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 Life Saving

The installation of life-saving systems and equipment is regulated for all ships so as to assure the safety and protect the lives of every person on board ship.

Life Saving Equipment
Lifeboat | Launching System For Lifeboat | Life Jacket | Life Raft | Life Buoy | Immersion Suit | Pyrotechnic | Food Ration | Medicine etc.
Life Raft

Life Buoy

      Life Jacket
 Fire Fighting, Extinguishing
The installation of systems and equipment for the fire prevention, fire detection and fire extinguishing on ships is regulated in detail to protect the ship fire,and in the case of an emergency, to detect and extinguish the fire immidiately. Safety equipment is indispensable for all ships carrying hazardous products and for work at sea so that the lives of all persons on board ship can be protected.
Fire Fighting, Alarming, Extinguishing Equipment, Safety Equipment
Fire Extinguisher | Fire Hose | Fire Man's Outfit | Gas Alarm | Detection System | Safety & Protective Equipment etc.
Emergency Escape
Breathing Device
Portable Foam
Applicator Unit
Fire Extinguisher Nozzle
Self-contained Air Breathing
Fire Hose Coupling
 Engine, Deck
The most important systems and equipment for a ship to move herself, the engine, generator and boiler, which are like the heart and internal organs of the human body, are installed in the engine room.
Engine Room System, Equipments, Tool
Dynamo for emergency | Boiler | Oil Treatment System | Oil Strainer | Water Ingress Alarm & Dewatering System etc.
Mooring System, Cargo Gear, Deck Machinery
Anchor Chain | Steel Wire Rope | Fiber Rope | Crane & Hoist | Receptacle For Reefer Container etc.
Dynamo for emergency Boiler
The installation navigation lights and signaling equipment on ships is regulated in detail in accordance with the "International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, 1972"
Navigation Light, Signaling Equipment
Navigation Light | Flag | Shape etc.
Chart, Nautical Publication, Natical Equipmens & Instrument, Radio Telegraphic System
Charts | Sextant | Wind Direction & Speed Indication Annemometer etc.


Navigation Light    
 Accommodation Area Equipment
The accommodation area is where the passengers and persons on board ship spend most of their time, and many systems and equipment which assure the same comfortable life as that on land, are provided.
Accommodation Area Equipments Galley Equipment
Disposer | Window Wiper etc.
Valve, Pipe Joint
Batterfly Valve | Storm Valve | Air Pipe Head etc.

 Paint, etc.
Various kinds of paint are used a great deal on every part of the ship to prevent the hull and all the machineries from being corroded by the sea where the conditions are merciless compared to the land, in order to maintain a vivid appearance and to prevent undersea creatures from adhering to the ship's bottom. Many kinds of chemicals and detergents are used for each part of the ship according to the quality and method required such as the additives for fuel oil.
Paint, Chemical, Detergent, Equipment For The Prevention Of Marine Pollution
Paint, Chemical, Detergent | Oily-Water Separator | Oil Fence | Treatment Material For Flooded Oil etc.
Oceangraphical Observation, Marine Sports
Rubber Boat | Diving Equipment etc.
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