Lifesaving and safety-related equipment

To ensure the safe evacuation of passengers and crew during maritime accidents, as well as to meet the strict legal requirements for the transportation of hazardous goods such as gas and oil, it is necessary to equip the vessel with mandated safety equipment.

Lifesaving equipment

Lifesaving equipment protects passengers’ and crew members’ lives and ensures safety during emergencies such as maritime accidents. Law mandates all vessels to be supplied with such equipment.

Life Saving Equipment

Safety equipment

Some goods subject to maritime transportation include highly hazardous materials such as oil and gas. To avoid operational risks and ensure the safety of crew and passengers, it is necessary to rely on various equipment and devices. These include detection devices and alarms for early hazard detection, protective clothing to safeguard against fire and other hazards, and equipment for saving lives, among others. The range of such equipment is diverse

Safety equipment

Emergency Medical Supplies

At sea, responding on the spot to sudden illnesses, injuries, and accidents is necessary. Carrying the required medical equipment in accordance with regulations allows for prompt response to unforeseen situations and ensures the protection of lives.

Fire Fighting

To prevent maritime onboard fires and facilitate immediate detection and extinguishing, the vessel is equipped with specialized equipment and facilities.

Fire fighting equipment

The provision of fire prevention, fire detection, and firefighting equipment is mandatory for all ships. Not only is it required to prevent fires, but the law also specifies in detail that immediate detection and firefighting measures must be taken in the event of a fire. Additionally, safety equipment must be provided to ensure the safety of the crew during activities such as the transport of dangerous goods and offshore operations.

Fire fighting equipment

Navigation Devices

Advanced performance and quality strength are required for a wide range of equipment that supports safe navigation in harsh open seas.

Navigation chart and related books

Carrying various nautical charts and related necessary instruments is essential as the foundation for safe navigation.

Navigation chart and related books

Marine navigation equipment

To navigate safely at sea, high-precision navigation equipment is required. Equipment exposed to harsh maritime conditions must possess the necessary accuracy and quality strength to withstand those conditions. Additionally, ship lights and signaling devices are strictly mandated by international law to be installed on all vessels, with detailed regulations in place to prevent maritime collisions.

Navigation equipment/devices

Mooring, cargo handling equipment, and deck-related machinery

The tools and equipment that are constantly exposed to harsh maritime conditions on the deck and frequently used during port operations require high levels of safety and durability. Even though they may appear simple at first glance, these devices and tools are packed with expertise and technology.

Mooring, cargo-handling equipment and deck machinery

Engine room system, equipment, and tools

The engine room contains the most critical devices and machinery for powering the ship, such as engines, generators, and boilers. These can be likened to the heart within the human body

Engine room system, equipment and tools

Galley and accommodation area equipment

The galley and laundry equipment, which support the crew’s daily life, also require performance requirements different from those on land.

Galley and accommodation area equipment

Auxiliary material, Others

To protect the vessel and its equipment from being exposed to harsh maritime conditions, chemical products and highly durable components play a crucial role, even though they may not be visible.

Paint, chemicals, highly durable products

To ensure smooth and efficient operation of the vessel, it is necessary to protect the equipment and appliances with special materials that have high durability and quality, and to safeguard the hull. Paints, chemicals, valves, cushioning materials, gaskets, and other components play a significant role in this regard.

Paint, Chemicals, High-durability products

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